The Top 5 Best Indoor Stationary Cycling Fitness Bikes

the best indoor cycling bikeAre you ready to burn 500 calories an hour? If you are dying for a rapid total-body transformation, you’ve got to get a indoor bike. More fun to ride than a regular stationary bike, these fitness-oriented bikes will transform your workout.

Indoor stationary cycling bikes are made to mimic the feel and fitness of a regular road bike.  It is easy to adjust the difficulty settings on them, and they are made for serious fitness enthusiast who are really going to workout on them.

More importantly, these bikes let you work out just like you would on a real bike: standing, sitting, time trialing and climbing positions that let you really get a full leg workout in.  In fact, when used correctly, it is fairly easy to burn about 900 calories per hour.

Indoor fitness bikes are also less boring than riding your bike on a trainer or riding other indoor exercise bikes.  Just pair your indoor bike with your favorite workout video and you are ready for year-round fitness.

There are only a few of these top-notch bikes on the market, and I will be reviewing those here to help you choose the right bike for you.

Indoor Cycling Bike #1 -The Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle

m3 keiser the best magnetic indoor bikeAside from looking completely snazzy, this is one of the coolest indoor indoor fitness bikes you will ever set eyes on.  Developed by one of the top providers of commercial workout equipment, the M3 is designed with all of the bells and whistles that coaches across the country have consistently asked for, along with the durability to withstand daily, abusive workouts, by hundreds of sweaty gym members.

Unlike the other indoor fitness bikes that we review, this bike uses a magnetic system to provide the resistance.  This creates a nearly silent ride, so you can workout in the living room without ticking off the rest of your relatives. Plus, the resistance adjustment is so exact, so you can just click it into the correct level of resistance every time instead of “guessing” what level of resistance you should have it set at, like you do with the cheaper, pad-resistance systems.

The bike has virtually unlimited adjustments that let you fit any body size and type.  It is durable enough to support all of the extra fat that you are planning on sweating off.  And both small and tall users love that you can completely adjust the seat and handlebars to get an ideal fit.

Rounding out the incredible offering, is the built-in computer.  I love that it calculates your power output.  Typically, only pro cyclists get to see their wattage, and the Keiser M3 Plus lets you see exactly how hard you are working out and allows for advanced fitness. It also delivers other great stuff such as cadence (pedaling RPMs), elapsed time and distance and will even read your heart rate if you use a polar chest strap.

Sure, it is an investment in your health, but with a bike this smooth and quiet, it is an investment that no one has ever regretted making.

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#2 – Sole SB700 Exercise Bike

sole sb700 indoor cycling bikeThe Sole SB700 is an incredible bike and an excellent value.  Better than most of the indoor cycling bikes that you will ever ride in cycle workout class at your gym, the SB700 is designed to deliver an excellent at-home workout.

One of the best things about the SB700 is its durability.  The SB700 is really designed to withstand years of workouts.  For example, it uses kevlar in its resistance pad, to make sure that it can wear for a long time before it needs to be replaced.  It also uses a 48 pound flywheel instead of the 40 pound flywheel most of the other bikes use. And, the entire construction is made from solid, heavy metal.

The only downside is that the completed bike weighs about 140 pounds.  So make sure to be careful about trying to carry it up and down stairs.

The upside is that this bike is rock-solid — even when standing and pumping as hard as you can on a carpeted surface.

In addition to riding smoothly and solidly, the SB700 has a lot of great console features that are only offered on pricier models. It comes with a chest strap for on-screen monitoring of your heart rate, and also displays pedaling RPMs, Calories burned, Workout time, Distance and Speed.

For a lot of people this is a bike that they purchase after they have tried out their local gym’s indoor cycling classes.  And, repeatedly, they say it is a nicer bike than those bikes.

The only reason I am placing it second to the M3 is that the M3 offers better sizing, and the super-quiet, super-long-lasting magnetic flywheeel setup.  (plus it weighs half as much).

For $1,000 less than the M3, the Sole is an incredible bike for an incredible value.

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 #3 – The Best Indoor Cycling Bike Under $300! Sunny Health and Fitness Pro

sunny health and fitness proThis is actually one of the best-selling indoor cycling bikes on Amazon.  Even better, it consistently collects 4 and 5 star reviews from its users (nearly 400 reviews to read!).

If you enjoy cyling class, and want to be able to workout from home, this is an excellent choice.  The bike has enough similar features to the higher-end bikes so that you will feel right at home on it, without the expensive touches that tend to rapidly drive up the costs of these bikes.

To begin with, it has a 40 pound flywheel, so its going to feel a lot like the indoor fitness bikes that you’ve already ridden in class.  And the seat and handlebar adjustments are also very similar, making it easy to fit yourself to.

Granted, it doesn’t have any of the cool computers, but if you have a good workout video and a heart rate monitor, you should get all of the feedback you need.  Just make sure that you set it on a rubber pad to catch all of that sweat.

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 #4 – Another Great Entry-Level Bike for Heavy Riders Over 300 pounds

Let’s face it. The reason we need one of these bikes is because we are, well, “poofy”.

Most of the indoor exercise bikes I reviewed have weight limits of only 220-250 lbs.

However, there’s a lot of us who are an athletic 200 lbs and we are eyeing that 220 pound limit thinking “I could probably break that”.

So it is quite re-assuring to get on a bike that is rated for someone much larger.

For a long time we promoted the Weslo Pro.  However, there is a lot of times that it hasn’t been available on Amazon. So we were thrilled to run across the Stamina CPS 9190.

Designed sturdily, it is loved by 300+ pound riders and sub-100 pound riders alike. This added durability is a nice feature if you are in the early stages of your working out.

Now, the stamina only has a 22 pound flywheel.  I wish it was at least 30 pounds.  There’s something about that larger flywheel that has a better feel to it.  However, it is only a preference. I have never had any difficulty working up a sweat with lighter flywheels.

And it does make the bike that much lighter and easier to move around.  This bike weighs about 85 pounds, making it easier to rearrange your workout room when the motivation strikes.

All together, it is a solid setup and is what I would recommend if you are a heavier rider.

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#5 – The Best Fitness Bike Under $200

sunny fitness lightweight indoor fitness bike under 200Sunny once again makes it reappearance on our list with the SF-B1001.  Priced right at the $200 mark, this bike is offers a lot of value for very little money.

One caveat: you need to be under 220 pounds.

This bike gets mixed reviews.  You’ll want to go over it with a wrench and tighten everything.  It has a bad habit of developing loose pedals and the such like when you first get it.  And, at only 85 pounds, it isn’t naturally as stable as some of the other bikes we have reviews.

However, it is one of the shortest Indoor bikes on the market.  So for those 5′ ladies who have been looking for a indoor cycling bike that they actually fit on, the SF-B1001 is a life saver.

My recommendation is to spend the extra money and upgrade to the Weslo or the nicer Sunny model — unless you are a petite, lightweight, lady.  In that case, enjoy your savings and get the workout of your life with this entry-level stationary fitness bike.

I mean, for the price, you will rapidly pay yourself back working at home instead of paying for those indoor workout classes!

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