Buying A Secondhand Bike

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just jumping into the bike scene, buying a new bicycle can be an exciting endeavor! Until you look at the cost of course! So you shop around looking for the best deal, and soon realize all new bikes are expensive. The idea of... read more

Can Cycling Build Your Legs And Butt?

  I had just started amateur bike racing. If memory serves right, this was to be my third race — An event in Overland Park,Kansas. On the starting line with the rest of the beginners was this gentleman with the biggest cycling legs I had ever seen. I had to... read more

Bike To Work Week 2017: Get Prepared Now!

History The origin of this event may not be as old as you think. May is known as National Bike Month. It is sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. The first National Bike Month was in 1956. The goal of Bike Month is to display all of the incredible incentives... read more

How to Check if Your Bike is Stolen

Are you looking to purchase a bicycle? The steep prices of new bikes can deter people from entering the world of cycling. Getting a good deal on a second-hand bike is a viable option. There is nothing inherently negative about getting a used one. A simple tune-up can... read more

How Fast Can Road Bikes Go?

I was descending “Microwave Tower Hill.” (Aptly named because of the microwave tower. Granted there were three mobile homes on the top of it as well. But then there are three mobile homes at the top of every hill around here.So we denote this hill by the... read more

Spring Cycling Workouts

Get faster in no time! Base Miles Back when I was racing, the base miles were a priority. Come December I was on that trainer and grinding them out. Fast miles. Slow miles. Dirty miles. It didn’t matter what they looked like; it mattered that I got to that... read more