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How To Evaluate Used Bicycles Before Purchasing

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just jumping into the bike scene, buying a new bicycle can be an exciting endeavor! Until you look at the cost of course! So you shop around looking for the best deal, and soon realize all new bikes are expensive. The idea of...

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What Muscles Are Exercised When Cycling?

  I had just started amateur bike racing. If memory serves right, this was to be my third race -- An event in Overland Park, Kansas. On the starting line with the rest of the beginners was this gentleman with the biggest cycling legs I had ever seen. I had to wonder...

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How to Check if Your Bike is Stolen

Are you looking to purchase a bicycle? The steep prices of new bikes can deter people from entering the world of cycling. Getting a good deal on a second-hand bike is a viable option. There is nothing inherently negative about getting a used one. A simple tune-up can...

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Answer: Nail-Bitingly Fast

I was descending "Microwave Tower Hill." (Aptly named because of the microwave tower. Granted there were three mobile homes on the top of it as well. But then there are three mobile homes at the top of every hill around here.So we denote this hill by the huge...

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They Call It The “Unrideable Bike”

  "It's just like riding a bike." We all have this belief that if we know how to ride a bike, we can hop back on and ride at any time. I've tested this belief a few times. Between the time I was 12 and the time I 16, I didn't have access to a bike. And yet, hopping on...

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The Magic Of 10 Miles Per Day

In high school and college, 20 miles per day was my usual daily ride. It was short enough that I didn't get too bored and long enough that I got a solid workout every day. As I became more serious about my sport and started racing, those mileages increased. But then,...

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