Recumbent Bike Reviews

recumbentRecumbent bikes are ideal for so many riders. So many of us have back pains and butt pains and we just can’t sit on a regular bike for very long at all. And yes, recumbents are as comfortable as they look.

In addition, many of us want a recumbent bike for our exercise room to help us get into shape. As we progress in our athleticism, we’ll switch to a more athletic bike.

I personally like recumbent bikes because they work out an entirely different set of muscles. I find that riding a recumbent bike frequently to be an excellent challenge that helps me cross-train for better fitness.

In this post, I want to go over both indoor and outdoor recumbent exercise bike reviews to give you a few good options to choose from.

The thing to remember with recumbent bikes is to buy as much quality as you can afford. Recumbent bikes have longer cables and larger frames and generally offer more areas where they can break.

Indoor exercise recumbent bikes are especially notorious for being noisy and the cheaper ones are known for breaking.

And, when these bikes break they are a little more challenging to transport to a repair place. The bottom line being that if you don’t get a good bike, it will break and you will be left without your favorite way to exercise

It’s my goal to get you around that hassle.

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Outdoor Recumbent Bikes

To be honest, there are not many companies that sell recumbent bikes online.  Frankly, these bikes are such a novel design that most customers want to test ride them before they buy.

The neat thing about recumbent bikes is that they are so comfortable and easy to ride, that everyone falls in love with them nearly instantaneously. Especially the trikes. Three-wheeled recumbents require no balance.  All you have to do is ride and enjoy!

One of the biggest considerations with a recumbent is whether you want one that sits high, or one that sits low.  Personally, I like to sit up as high as I can, both for the sake of my own visibility, as well as for the other vehicles that have to avoid hitting me. Being taller lets me be seen more easily.

In addition, those recumbents that are near to the ground can be harder to get out of.  Which is another concern, especially if you have knee or back problems.

The Best Cheap Recumbent For Beginners

If I could have my choice, I’d recommend the SUN EZ-1 Recumbent.  It isn’t sold online. But for a bare-bones recumbent bike that will go the distance, it is a hard one to beat. Granted, it’s a little heavy. But I’ve used it to get a lot of people riding, and at it’s price point, it is a great way to go.

However, if you are looking to buy a recumbent bike online, the Terra Trike is probably one of the best recumbent bicycles actually for sale online.

In their entry-level models, they sell a single-speed, 3-speed and 8-speed bike.  Because you can’t stand up to pedal a recumbent, I’ve learned that it is important to get as many gears as you possibly can to give you hill-climbing power whenever you need it.

So I would recommend going with the Performer 27-speed bike.

You have plenty of gears for handling any hill.

The best part are the comfy seats. This one also has a spring under the seat.

The Performa 27 trike is not only one of the best recumbent out there, its a pretty good starter bike. Just be prepared, recumbents aren’t the cheapest to get. For the money, you will be hard-pressed to find a better starter bike online.

performa 27 extrike


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Places Where you Can Buy A Used Recumbent Bike:

Recumbent bikes tend to see fewer miles in their life span has been other bikes. This means you can often pick up a recumbent login like new condition for about half the price.

Here are five boards that are often updated with people looking to buy or sell recumbents:

Recumbent and Tandem Rider Classifieds Classifieds (click on “View Everything”)

In addition, you might do a Google search for “cycling club” + ” your town” to find local classifieds or people who might know of recumbents for sale in your local area.

How To Ride A Recumbent Bike

Riding a recumbent is simple.  You sit in them and pedal.

Two-wheeled recumbents can be a little trickier at first.  But they are surprisingly easy to balance, and don’t take long to master comfortably.

Some people one to a friend to hold their bike while they get started.  It only takes a couple of times before you’re confidently mounting your ride and peddling off.  I’ve never seen anyone struggle with riding recumbents.

You do want to make sure the recumbent is tall enough for you.  Some people find it difficult to sit on a recumbent that is too close to the ground, as it is hard to get out of it when you are done riding. (bad knees, etc) If that as your case, you might want to select a taller style recumbent.

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