About Me | FTC and Review Disclosure

For purchasing convenience, I try to focus on bikes that are currently available for sale online. Your local bike shop is an excellent place to see models not available online and to receive personalized advice. Our reviews typically exclude those models.

I got my start in a local bike shop and always encourage our readers to support their local economy.

Our opinions are expressed based on the specs we read, our personal experiences with brands individual bikes and their individual components. We also take into account other online reviews and on feedback from our personal friends in the industry and try to demonstrate what other users have experienced.

The reviews on our site are our opinion to help you find some of the best online bikes for sale and is not meant to be a comprehensive analysis.

It is likely that many of our readers have a different opinion, and we are always anxious to hear of your experience.

This is site written for entertainment purposes, and while we make every effort to be accurate, the blog and its writers cannot be held liable for any omissions or inaccuracies. Please notify us of any errors via email to dave@davescheapbikes.com

This site receives commissions when you make a purchase after using one of the links on our site.

It’s like advertising except that if you don’t like the product and return it, I lose that commission.  So I am highly incentivized to help you find the best product for your style of cycling.

If you disagree with any of our reviews or find an error, we certainly want to hear your opinion. You can email the staff at dave@davescheapbikes.com

Most of the articles are written by me and a few of my friends.

Guest Posting:

I am very selective of the quality of content that goes on this site. I require 1,000 words minimum on any article submissions with at least 3 images that you have rights to. Please submit your cycling-related title to dave@davescheapbikes.com.

Product Reviews:

Occasionally I am asked by brands to review their products. At this point, I don’t accept paid posts but I do prioritize my time on products that offer affiliate promotions.

I am hard on the products I review, and if I feel like your product doesn’t meet my standard, I’ll let you know and not publish the review. I have no desire to squash someone’s new brand or new idea that just needs further development. But I also won’t just recommend a product because someone asked me to.

For big brands with multiple products we are open to bringing the camera crew (my buddy with a camera) and doing on-site reviews to reduce travel costs. If this is something you are interested in, we typically ask that you cover economy airfare and a cheap hotel and that you have an affiliate program in place so we can cover our ongoing site costs.

But yeah, I’m willing to travel on the cheap in order to get your product up.

Most product owners just send their products by mail for us to review.  Please send an email to dave@davescheapbikes.com with the title “product review request”. I’ll get you an address that you can send your product to. Depending on my schedule, you might end up sending you product to one of my friends to do the review for my site.