• The Gym Hasn’t Seen You For A Week
  • The Bike Is Collecting Dust
  • You Are Constantly Low On Energy
  • You Are Afraid To Step On A Scale….

My Personal Energy Breakthrough

There is no sport like cycling.

Cycling can take you to the edge of what is humanly possible. It’s one of the only sports where coaches have you checking your resting heart rate every morning to make sure that you aren’t “overtraining.”

And, if you are like me, you want the best possible advantage while training. You need the motivation and energy to train, and you want the weight to fall off and the lean muscle mass to pile on as fast as possible.

Back when I was racing, I invested nearly $100 per week in supplements. I had my pre-workout, post-workout and my in-between-workout supplements.

Sure, I tried some real duds. But I eventually figured out a stack that worked. I went from being a nobody to Cat 4 in half a season. Sixty-mile rides with hills were my morning commute.

I believe in the power of the right supplements

But Then I Became An Adult


As an adult with multiple jobs, 3 kids and a new company, I find that I don’t have the energy to workout. I get home from work, slump on the couch, and begin stuffing my face with comfort foods.

I Started On That Well-Known, Life-Defeating Cycle:

Too Tired To Workout = Flat and Sluggish = Too Tired To Workout

Sure, I still go on my weekend rides, but I often have to sleep nine or 10 hours the following night… or find that I pay all week with extra sluggishness.

That’s when I started looking for something that could give me all day energy.

I tried several products, everything from overdosing on caffeine and B12 vitamins to switching over to a raw food diet.

I actually found that the raw food diet gave me a lot of energy. However, it was really hard to maintain. I had to allocate a lot of time to prepping food.

Energy In A Bottle

That’s when I ran across Organifi®.

Now, I have used green drinks in the past, but they were always disgusting and they never made a difference.

But after hearing some decent reviews from people I personally knew, I decided it was worth a try.

I’ve got to say that I have never seen a product work this quickly. Not even the ones I spent $100 per week on.

Day 1
I excitedly unwrapped the little bottle and sniffed. It is smell as “green” as some of the ones I’d used in the past. I dumped a spoonful in a cup and ran cold tap water in. Just for good measure, I use the handle of the spoon to stir it up a little bit more and gulped down. It has a distinctly minty taste, with just a little bit of that “green”, wheatgrass flavor you would expect.

It seems like I have more energy throughout the rest of the day, but that could be a placebo effect.

Day 2
I woke up before my alarm.

This hasn’t happened in literally years. I run so hard, that every second of sleep is precious.

But this morning I was wide awake, feeling good. I grab my gym shorts and put 30 minutes on the fitness bike while skimming through my email. It was an incredible way to start the morning.

This time I took my Organifi® with my breakfast. I normally do two eggs, and a small spinach salad. After I carried my dishes to the sink, I just mixed up a quick drink of Organifi®  and gulped it down right there.

Day 2 ½
I definitely feel more energetic and focused. I only had one cup of coffee, so no jitters, just feeling very clear headed.

After lunch, around 3:00 pm I started dragging, I took another dose in about 30 minutes later felt a rush of clearheaded focus.

However, this seemed to have a side effect in that it was very difficult for me to go to sleep. It was like I was jacked up on caffeine, and I could not get my mind to slow down.

Day 3
I took another dose after breakfast. Same thing as before, an incredible clearheadedness and focus. I actually forgot to drink coffee until around noon.

About 2:00 that afternoon, the wife commented that I had seemed a lot more focused, happier and productive the last few days.

I skipped the afternoon dose, and instead took a break from the desk and hit the gym. The gym seems to reinvigorate me sufficiently, to finish out the work day at full speed (benefits of being self-employed – you set your own hours.)

Tonight the bowl of chips and salsa was still half-full when we finished our movie. It may be subconscious, but I seem to be craving junk food and snacks a lot less.

Day 4
Down 2 pounds and I’ve worked out every day since I started Organifi®. What’s weird about it, is that I just seem to have enough “excess” energy that I’m not dragging myself to do tasks that I’ve been putting off. Going over my daily work log, I’ve actually accomplished about 50% more in the past three days.

Plus, I keep waking up before my alarm.

Month 2
We moved, and it disrupted my schedule, so I wasn’t a staying on Organifi® as diligently as I had been the first month.

However, when I do take it, the wife notices. In fact, if I’m dragging, she reminds me to go take it. I also find that sometimes I crave it more than coffee. Which is weird.

One of my favorite benefits — in addition to the increased energy — is the fact that I don’t have to sleep as much. It seems to shave a solid 30 minutes off my nightly rest, and in month one it had built up in my system, and I was sleeping almost a whole hour less every night.

No Juicer, No Problem

organifi banner ad

The benefits of Juicing is well-known. And I would get into it if it wasn’t for the horrendous prep time.
While I won’t say that Organifi® is on-par with Juicing, I’ve been very, very impressed with the benefits it has had in my life.

It only takes me 30 seconds to do a morning dose. And then I’m off and chasing my day.
Plus I have the energy to come home and play with my kid and hit the gym. I sleep less and get more done.

It’s a lot of benefit for very little cost and effort.

Frankly, I’m a super-human and friends and family are noticing. Heck, I had so much free time that I just started a brand new business and scaled it to 5 figures a month in 90 days.

So you might say that this product is making me money (FTC disclaimer: results not typical, lol).

I Wish I Had This When Cycling

Back when I was racing, I tried so many supplements but still had to sleep 9 to 10 hours every night in addition to training and working.

I’m 30 now (yeah, I know I should update the site’s profile pic. It’s been a few years since I took that), so my very best days – and any hope of going pro – are behind me. But with the progress my body is making, I find myself wishing I could go back and give racing a second try. I’m convinced that Organifi would’ve revolutionized my career.

It’s certainly revolutionizing my life now as a dad, business owner, and weekend athlete. 

Whether you are a pro cyclist or simply an overweight dad like me who wishes he had more energy, I whole-heartedly endorse this stuff. It’s the closest thing I’ve seen to that “limitless” pill.

Plus, with their money-back guarantee, it makes it a no-brainer.

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