[Fall, 2017] Dave’s $1,000 “Ride A Bike” Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to any college student who aspires to live a healthy, active life while in college.

Dave found fitness while in college through cycling, and wants to get more college kids on their bikes!

How To Apply:

  1. Borrow a bike (if you don’t have one).
  2. Recorder yourself on camera talking about why you love cycling.
  3. Upload the Video to Youtube
    • Insert a link to http://www.davescheapbikes.com in the description area.
    • Send the Youtube link to your video to Dave@davescheapbikes.com
      • Include Your Name, College Name, College Year, Major, Email and Phone Numbers we can reach you at.

Here’s how the videos are scored:

  • Telling an inspiring story (10pts)
  • Riding the Bicycle (5pts)
  • Displaying your College emblems (T-shirt, Swag, etc.) (5 pts)
  • Community Vote (likes, comments, shares, virality, etc.)  (1pt)

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