Underwater basket weaving? Forget that!

We’ve got to enroll in these underwater spin cycle classes.

I was wasting time on Youtube this afternoon when I came across this gem:

I swear. You can’t make this stuff up.

Here is a grown man riding a bike in a backyard pool. In his suit, nonetheless.

I would have expected to see something like this on “Rednecks of Alabama”.

It turns out watercycling is an actual thing. The classes use a mixture of bikes in water and rubber resistance bands to provide a low-impact workout.

Those of us who have done Spinning classes before will recognize just how intense a good stationary bike workout is. But imagine trying to sprint in water? Yeah, that would be a mess.

Frankly, I’m not a fan of water. But I could understand how folks appreciate the cooling effects of water.

And, hey, it is novel.

Let’s just hope they make padded bikini bottoms. Can anyone give me a #chafe ? wowz.